Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

Another day, another simple task.

I'd thought that perhaps the dates which they sell in this region would be a good addition to my kitchen. I had heard they impart a delightful sweetness to any meal.

Somewhere in this wide world there must be the perfect sweetener, capable of pleasing the tongue without such flaws.

Simple enough. Find something sweet for this man.

He sells basic consumables.

Funnily enough, what we're seeking is in the man's own hometown of Stillsnow.

Music: Town Veiled in White

And mine are like nothing you've ever tasted! You see, I let them rest nice and cozy beneath the snow till they're simply bursting with natural sugars. The flavor is simply to die for!

Looks good enough to me!

Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

Let's see if it's good enough for him!

Mm-hmm! This does indeed have promise! It is a clean, pure sweetness, indeed!

Ah! That's it! It must be the cold! The cold must cause the beets to develop more sugars as they grow! With this kind of sugar content, I think that I could simply squeeze the roots to extract a sweet juice.

What kind of gourmand am I? Overlooking the perfect sweet right before me! Clearly there is still much for me to learn! I am tempted to start my journey anew, but this time with my eyes properly opened to the natural bounty surrounding me!

The Gourmet's Charm slightly reduces ice and wind damage. Yet another accessory I will never use.

But to be of any use, the sugars need to be in a form that can easily be kept and used in cooking... Something like grains of sand...

Also we may have accidentally introduced granulated sugar into Orsterra. Yeah, sure, why not.

Next time, a thirty-six-minute boss battle.