Music: Cobbleston, Nestled in the Hills

For this one, we're traveling back to Cobbleston.

I came to this village a'searchin' for my Lorie, but I'm told she's already left...

Simple enough. We just have to reunite him with his lost love, Lorie. So what's the catch?


There are two ways to solve this one.


The first is simply to guide him to where his lost love lies.

Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

Arghh, my Lorie! My sweet, sweet Lorie! Why did you have to die!?

Ah, Fate is cruel indeed, to carry Lorie away from this mortal world... But thanks be to you, I know at least where she lays. Gods a'mercy to you...

Simple enough reward.

I'm goin' to build a new life for myself, here in this town where her body lays.

Hopefully he'll find some manner of closure from all this.


I wonder if it was someone's diary...?

The second option is to obtain Lorie's Diary from this random merchant. Lorie won't care if we read it, she's dead.

Ah, it brings joy to my heart, to know she didn't forget me...

It's time I went on a journey, too. I'll follow in her footsteps, an' we'll be reunited once more! Well, I'd best set about my preparations. There's naught to keep me here now.

So, uh, at least he knows how Lorie felt about him...!

She's dead. This here is her grave. It fills my heart with sorrow, to see her grave. But better that, than never knowin' at all. I'm goin' to build a new life for myself, here in this town where her body lays.

The resolution ends up the same, it's just one path he gets her diary and learns how she felt about him, and in the other we get to watch the devastating news in person.

Anyway, next time we'll tackle H'aanit's Chapter 3.