Let's hope so, because we're tackling H'aanit's Chapter 3 today!

There's still snow in Stillsnow.

Linde then proceeds to run around like a lunatic.

Music: Tranquil Days

(But then, thou art a snow leopard, art thou not? For thee, arriving in this white wasteland is like a homecoming.)

I-it doesn't bite, does it?
Fearen not, young ones. Linde is with me. She is a gentle creature. She will doeth thee no harm.
She's yours? Funny sort of pet, ain't she?
Linde is not a pet.

Friends, you say? Just like us, then!

Linde is shuddering in the middle of all this, clearly not liking the attention.

The old lady?
The old witch, you mean! Aye, we know her. Who doesn't?
I see. And where might I finde her?
See that house with the red rood, over yonder?

That's the old witch's place.

Of course! Say hello to the witch for us!
Bye-bye, Linde!

Haha, best comen with me then, before they returnen with more friends.

And that ends Linde's relevance in this chapter.

Now that we've got a destination, let's dive into some banter.

Music: Town Veiled in White

Yes. In our village, the younglings oft playede with her. Linde seemed to enjoyen the games, as well.
Nothing warms the heart quite like seeing children smile.
Linde is most proud of her fur. She liketh nothing better than to be stroked and groomed.
I can see that.
Of course, the children liken it also, to buryen themselves in her thick, warm coat.

Yes? What is it?

Of course not. Wilt thou?
Would I ever! Once the children have had their turn, of course.

A bit of backstory on Linde, and of course who can't resist petting that cat.

Otherwise, there's a bit of commotion over here...

I implore you! Pray open the door!


Ye won't get no apology out o' Alaic. He don't talk none.
Has he lost his tongue?
Nay. It's just that Susanna does the talkin' for the both of 'em.

The angry warrior takes his leave, and H'aanit steps in to ask some questions.

Susanna's minder. Looks after her an' keeps the riffraff from botherin' her, as ye might have noted.
Name's Alaic. She took him in off the streets when he was a wee sprout.
Saved his life, she did. An' he's been with her ever since.
Old women aren't commonly in need of a bodyguard...

Fame don't sit too well on 'er, considerin' 'ow little she cares for company.
Surely she doth not refuseth every visitor?

Alaic turns 'em all away, an' no amount of beggin' or beseechin' makes one spit of difference.
Every now an' then a fool tries to get rought with Alaic, but oft as not ends up with only a cracked skull for 'is trouble.

Before we decide on a course of action, maybe some banter will help?

Truth be told, I doe not knowe.
I wonder if the stubborn oaf has any weaknesses.
We all have them, after all.
Even thou, Therion?
Huh? Since when are we talking about me?

If you're going to be like this, you can forget about my help.
Mine apologies. We were discussing the bodyguard.

Beasts, thou sayest?
No promises that this one's the same, of course. But it's worth a try, wouldn't you say?

A good banter where Therion is helpful and H'aanit is the teasing one. Seems Therion can dish it out but can't take it.

But yeah, the action is obvious, though we get a small cutscene if we try to talk to Alaic.

...But thou sayest nothing. And thou wilt not listen, either.
Then I have no choice.

He's not too shabby thanks to my handy Ratking. Of course, I used him up and now need to get some beefier monsters.

Video: Susanna the Seeress


Mauling the oaf with monsters seems to have worked.

Be a dear, H'aanit, and have Linde help carry the poor fool within. He'll be catching his death of cold, lying out in the snow like a log.

I'm a seer, remember? Possessed of the all-seeing eye, or so they say.

Ahahaha! Poppycock and nonsense is all it is.
A hunter from the Woodlands who communes with the beasts. Not a common sight in these parts. The only one who might fit that description is that hobbledehoy Z'aanta.

Your age, your snow leopard, your garb. Simple deduction, my dear.

That's all Susanna's famous all-seeing eye is, in the end.

On the contrary. Now I know I can truste thee. If thou speakest the truth about this, then surely thou wouldst not speak false of aught else.

Now, why don't you tell me why you're here--?

But first, let's go inside, shall we?

Video: Herb-of-grace


...Mistress Susanna. Canst thou helpen him?

In truth!?
Truth? Ah, now that's a word. You said you trusted me, remember?
If there is the slightest chance of lifting that curse, I will truste whomever I need to.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

Gods take my eyes if that fool hasn't raised a strong and brave young woman. I'd scarce believe it, if you weren't standing here in front of me.
I learned from his example--the good and the bad.

Can't imagine that would work--but the world is full of wonders at that. Isn't that so, my dear?
Hmhm, it is.

I am prepared for any trial.
There is but one way to turn stone back to living flesh...

...I had feared as much. But it shall be done.

...Tsk. Did Z'aanta forget to teach you patience?

If you try to fight the beast as you are, you'll only meet the same fate as your master. And what good will you be to him then?
But, I must--!
What you must do first, is find the means to protect yourself from Redeye's lethal power.

Long ago, there was a beast in these parts, too, what turned men to stone. Folks here soon learned that herb-of-grace could ward off the magic. I reckon it should be effective against Redeye as well.

But know that the forest is a preilous place, and home to many frightful beasts. You'll want to prepare well before you venture in.
I shall. Thanke thee, m'lady.
Heeheehee... 'Tis my pleasure, dear.

With you being his prentice, it rather makes you my grandchild now.

We know what we must do. We must collect herb-of-grace so we can defend ourselves in the inevitable fight against Redeye. Defeat it, and we lift the curse on Z'aanta.

Let's tackle some banter.

Music: Town Veiled in White

Even botanists believed the plant was long extinct. To think it still grows in these wintry wastes. 'Tis a miracle, or near enough. Yes, this is why a true scholar should not confine himself to his office! Who knows what great discoveries await in far-flung frontiers.

And yet, that Susanna woman...
What of her?
Well, I was just most impressed to encounter one so wise and astute.

Cyrus is Cyrus. H'aanit still fails to understand Cyrus's sheer joy at learning everything about the world around him.

Time to travel on.

Music: The Frostlands

The path to our next dungeon is short, yet dangerous.

Hoary Bears can be frightening, since they can buff their own PhysAtk and then do...this.

Otherwise, it's a short uneventful trek to where Alaic awaits us.

'Tis colder here, too. The wind cutteth to the bone.

A secret path only the mistress knows. It leads straight to the heart of the forest. Out here, the snow never melts. It covers landmarks, and makes every direction look much like the other. The herb-of-grace grows somewhere deep in the forest. But be wary. Many dangerous fiends lurk within. That is why Susanna keeps the knowledge of this path a secret.

Only when I have something to say.
Will that more people in this world followeth the same principle.

I have not seen Susanna look so happy for many a year. Pray return safely, that you might bring her more joy.
I shall.

And with that, we enter the forest trail. But that's for another update. Instead, let's end with one last banter.

It's beautiful, don't you think?
It is indeed. I have roamed far and wide on the hunt, but never beheld a place such as this.
The snow's like a silk wedding gown, but even softer and whiter. And more beautiful.
A silk gown...?

Hehe. Of course not, silly. As much as I'd like to take it home with me, a sight like this can't be bought. There's not enough room in anyone's bag for a treasure like this!

I can take screenshots of this area, though. Maybe I should be selling those!

Anyway, next time H'aanit braves the wintry forest and faces her fiercest foe yet.