Music: Town Veiled in White

Another day, another side story!

But I need more materials to work with, if I'm to make a functional prototype. I haven't even made it so far as that yet. Coal, flax, and a handy metal container... If I only had those three things, I'm quite sure I could get it working...

Simple enough. We need to find this man three ingredients so he can make his invention.

Of course, he already has his own portable heat source, but he's probably thinking of something that doesn't involve magic.

Anyway, this is an easy one. All three ingredients are in Stillsnow, held by NPCs.

They're all pretty cheap, too!

And with that, we're already done.

Thank you! Now I can finally make my prototype!

And there! I put the whole thing into a good woven sack, and it is done!

In a snowy land like this, keeping yourself warm is absolutely paramount.

But how do you keep yourself warm when you're out knocking snow from the roof? You can't have a stove in your pocket, and good luck starting a fire in the snow. But if you have one of these, you can warm yourself even when you're out clearing snow!

And if you're feeling so comfortable in the warmth that you happen to fall asleep, there's no worry about things burning out of control. With my invention, people can feel warm and safe and comfortable!

Good for us!

Simple but telling, don't you think? Now I'm going to perfect their design to make my handy-warmers even more convenient!

I wonder how many inventions and advances in science and technology that Cyrus is responsible for so far.

Until next time!