Music: Orewell, Beneath the Crags

Orewell's pretty much on the edge of Orsterra. Perhaps it is the location combined with the lack of any real industry that make this town so poor and hopeless.

For once, I only fail one whole check in this entire town.

This fellow is one of the more successful people of Orewell.

What was he up to, you reckon?

Cervantes is a fellow we'll meet during a later quest.

A nice buy.

...which is why I stole it instead.

Some people here are, well, hopeless.

This big hall is empty now that Alfyn has cured their ills.

The rare woman merchant. It really seems like the majority of merchants in this game are men, with Tressa and her mother being the only real exceptions.

Their feathers might be beautiful, but they're still deadly creatures, so you'd do well to keep your distance.

While this town is bigger than Duskbarrow, it's still pretty tiny compared to your average village in this game.

I wish he'd get on with it or go home. That vacillatin' gets on my nerves. He's a pest, there's no two ways about it. Blimey, I wish someone would do somethin' about him.

He's certainly one to talk.

She has a passion for cooking, and prefers fire items to help with that flaming passion.

Naturally we stab her repeatedly until she lets us loot her home.

Thus we abscond with her special jam and an old pair of boots. Hey, the journeying life ain't always glamorous.

Meanwhile, this old woman is an expert in lightning and is worried her husband is an alcoholic.

Naturally, we also beat her up for no particular reason.

The man has some nice nuts available.

And his hidden item is a Hill Cleaver, which is a nice improvement for our axes. It beats our other axes in PhysAtk and gives decent Crit, so it's a nice physical option.

Anyway I rob the town blind and bring more poverty and misery to the town. Go heroes!

Next time, we maybe do some good for once!