Music: Orewell, Beneath the Crags

With another town comes another side story chain to complete.

I came to this village to look for blazestone, so I might hatch the egg. Except... ...

The man who took it said to meet him in Dragonsong Fane if I wanted it back. That hardly sounds safe, does it? I don't know what to do...

Seems like a trap, but then the fiend probably isn't expecting The Unbending Blade to show up instead of a young girl.

Dragonsong Fang is the dungeon of this region. Don't worry about that man, we'll talk to him later.

Music: Beneath the Surface

That said, this dungeon is surprisingly short.

This helm actually has the highest PhysDef of any hat in the game. Naturally, it has no ElemDef or secondary benefit, so it's still pretty crap.

Yet another bow. This is a nice one though, as it's a fair bit stronger PhysAtk-wise than our non-TBow bows and gives good Crit. Nice for characters who don't need ElemAtk on a bow, though I really wish I could get some weapons besides bows. My strongest sword is still a pathetic 152 PhysAtk...

Otherwise, all that's left of interest here is this one fellow.

Seems like a friendly guy!

My strength is true enough.

The fool flees, and the egg is regained.

With that, let's return the egg to its rightful owner.


Oh! You're back!

A thousand thanks to you! I don't know what I would have done if I'd lost it!

Now I just have to warm it with this blazestone...

Did the egg just move?

...But if I take it back to the village, more bandits will find out about it and try to steal it.

...It's obvious what I have to do. I'll have to raise the dragon in secret, far away from prying eyes. You have done a great deal for me, but now it is up to me, and me alone.

Thank you for everything, and fare thee well!

We get some nice rewards, including a decent set of armor that boosts Crit. Meanwhile, as far as I know we'll never see Kaia again.

Next time, another side story or two.