Music: Among Stately Peaks

We've got a side story near the entrance of Everhold.

My next star turn is that of Sokrath. Yes, yes, the legendary knight, no less. But to play the man, I must know the man. Every little detail helps. Yet alas, he is mentioned in only a few ancient passages, and described in none. What to do, what to do...?

So we need to help this man channel his inner Sokrath, but he doesn't have anything to work with.

Of course, that's where we come in, and we have a couple options to work with.


For the first option, we'll want to go to Grandport.

Indeed, a sword has come into my hands that promises to tell the most astoundin' tales...

You see, this merchant has a sword with a tale to tell.

One that would be beneficial for our actor friend. So let's see how it helps his craft!

...'Swounds, but it is heavy. To wield such a weapon would take everry ounce of my strength. And surely, no would-be foe could survive even a single blow from its blade. Yes, yes. A clearer picture is coming to mind, of the true stature of our hero.

It is clear that in strength of arm and brawny might, Sokrath was no common man.

Gods a'mercy, fair stranger! Now I can become Sokrath in body and soul!

Nothing but cash money for this one.

And truth be told, these rather strapping muscles I'm growing will fair serve me in other roles, I doubt not.

So giving this actor Sokrath's sword tells him of Sokrath's strength and stature, and has him embrace Sokrath in a physical sense.


Our second option is to make our way to Atlasdam to chat up a minstrel with a song relevant to us.

I'm still working on my delivery, but would you care to hear some of it? Ahem...

This man has composed a song of the deeds of Sokrath. That will certainly be relevant to our actor friend's interests!

Yes, yes. Fascinating.

"He fasted, he trained, he walked the Hundred Pilgrimages. He grew stronger. His sinews grew tough as leather, his flesh like iron. Though blades cut his skin, he felt no wound."

See here about the fasting? Proof of his dedication and commitment. He was a hero made, not born.

'Twas the secret to his strength, you see--the manly resolve that lay at his core.

I shall become Sokrath, thanks be to you!

And so we resolve the quest, and speaking to him again...

'Tis the layering on of details, you see, that allows the actor to transform himself and step completely into the role.

In this option, rather than embrace the physical aspects of Sokrath that made him such a powerful warrior, the actor adopts Sokrath's fortitude and willpower, undergoing the same trials Sokrath went through to harden his mind. It's interesting how we can see two completely different aspects of what made a warrior so mighty, and how someone can choose which aspects to take on based on the information presented to them.

Next time, the unlikeliest of the Octopath Travelers take on the stage, and it will be glorious.