Today we're heading to the capital city of the Sunlands, Marsalim.

The East Wellspring Sands is an intermediate area connecting Wellspring, Marsalim, and Stonegard. There's a secondary path between the Sunlands and Highlands for whatever reason.

Foes from said area.

And here's our final area of this area.

That Remnant took forever to kill...

Marsalim isn't as big as it appears, but it's still pretty big and one of the most stable of the Chapter 4 towns.

But we'll explore it on another day.

Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

For now, we're here on business.

Redeye may be lurking around here, so we can hunt it down and save Z'aanta once and for all.

Too hot for thee, girl? I cannot blame thee. The sun is merciless, even without a coat of fur.

Comen. Leten us finde Eliza...and then some shade.

Linde is truly a loyal companion.

As per usual, let's jump into a couple of banters.

This killing me...! But I guess...this is all my fault. I should've stocked up on water...
'Tis not that bad. Stayen thy whimpering.
It's just...I'm not used to this. I'm a merchant, not a strong hunter like you.
Hearest thou Linde complainen?


Nothing I say will top that.

Knowest thou this town?
Why, but of course! That said, I know more about the Marsalim of old than I do the city as it exists today. The ruler of this town can trace his lineage directly back to Marsalim the Wise.
An ancient king, I presume?
Quite so. War has long ravaged the Sunlands. Water is more precious than lifeblood here. ...And men are more than willing to slay each other for a few precious drops.
Yet the town appeareth calm and peaceful.

He urged the warlords and nobles to lay down their weapons and simply talk to their neighbors.
...And they found they had more in common than they had thought?
Precisely so. In their gratitude, the people of the Sunlands built the king a grand palace.

It was a name chosen not by the king, but by the people.

This one gives some more insight in Marsalim's past, and the current king. The King of Marsalim is one of the few members of royalty we meet in this game, and he's supposedly one of the better rulers in Orsterra.

But we'll meet him in due time. For now, let's check in with Eliza and see what's going on out here.

I am. I have come to meeten with Eliza.
Ah, splendid! We have fair been waiting your arrival. Please come with me.

Good. Thank you, Sergeant.

I have. The curse can be broken. But only by slaying the monster that caused it.

It lurks in an ancient ruin to the west of here. The locals call it Grimsand.

I founde a way to protecte myself from its curse.
Truly? Then we may have cause to hope after all!
I will leave for the ruins at once.
Wait, H'aanit. There is one more thing you should know.

Music: On a Knifeā€™s Edge

They began to roam the surface, threatening travelers and farmers alike. General Lenaar led the city guard into the sands to drive them off.

The plan was to march toward the ruins and dispatch any monsters roaming the surface. I scarce imagine they would venture within, but...

No matter how many men he marches with, General Lenaar cannot hope to defeat it.

Let's hope so!

Music: Pure Evil

Heavens save us! My legs turn to stone!
Gods' teeth, this cannot be!

Captain Raaf! Get the men to safety!
But, sir...!

You have your orders, Captain! Go!
Y-yes, sir!

General Lenaar sacrifices himself to save what few men he has remaining.

Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

With a good portion of the city guard dead, the stakes are certainly raised.

Seems like a good time as any for banter!

I pray they are not marching to their doom...
I doe not doubten they haven a plan... But yes, I feare for them also.
Yes, this Redeye is such a horrific, terrible fiend.

Please teachen me, so that I mighte prayen, too...
Of course. Here's a simple one. Just repeat after me...

...Like that?
Yes, perfect.

While these soldiers can stand up fine against the monsters around here, Redeye is too formidable a foe for any ill-prepared adventurer. And of course there's only one person in the world prepared to fight this fiend...

The plot continues when you travel to the town square.

It has been some time, has it not?
Indeed. I fear the worst...

(And yet what is this bodeful mood that pervadeth the air...?)

Music: Sorrow

It's only a matter of time before they reach the town!

Everyone's worst fears were realized. Only a few men survived. Yet all is not lost...

This is Captain Raaf. He says the regiment was nearly annihilated.
You must be the prentice of the great hunter, Z'aanta.

We shall re-arm, re-equip, and do whatever is required to bring down that godsdamned fiend. Pray lend us your aid.

Video: The Shining One

I fear there is no pleasure in it for me, Your Highness. I fled like a coward.
You did your duty, Captain. Without you to bring us word of what happened, we would be all but doomed. Now, we would hear your report.
By your leave, Your Majesty...

The men fought bravely, and succeeded in culling their numbers. Emboldened, we dared to venture into the ruins themselves.

A ferocious creature, of a size and strength I've not seen. But that was not the worst of it, oh no...

Living statues insensible to all around them...
Tell me one thing, Captain.
Your Highness?


I see. That will be all, Captain.

Music: Determination

If the Redeye beast itself is slain, your men will be released from its curse.

But you heard yourself--this fiend wields terrible powers. What hope have we of slaying it when a single glance invites certain doom?

...Can you defeat it?
I sweare on my life. I will bringe the beast down, and free your men from its baleful curse.

I am called H'aanit.

Resolve and strength, in equal measure. Each time a menace has been visited upon this realm of mine, a hero with the same steel in their eye has stepped forward to save it.

By your leave, I shall take the rest of the men and drive off the monsters outside the ruins.
The Knights Ardante shall sally with you.
We shall escort H'aanit safely to the entrance!
Very good.

We have our plan. The Marsalim guard and the Knights Ardante will distract the monsters, allowing H'aanit to fight Redeye alone (with her three companions of course).

Music: Melancholy

King Khalim is a forthright man. He looked me square in the eye, and entrusted me with the future of his realm.

Courage? Nay...

Lowly hunter though I am...

They deserven my help as much as anyone in this world.
Out here in the desert, people must work hard to save every drop of water they find. They learn that they must work together, and share their fortunes and burdens alike.

The harsh sands have shaped them into loyal, generous, and honest folk.
Then it woulde behoven me ill to leten them down. 'Tis as Master always sayeth...

Wise words. Prevail, and you will save not only your master, but a king and his people.

H'aanit's not backing down from this challenge. It's almost time for H'aanit to take on the biggest challenge of her life...

Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

We've got a couple more banters before we prepare.

Thou lookest deep in thought.
...My apologies. Seeing that king, it reminded me of days gone by.

...What manner of look is that?
That of a man who looks you straight in the eye, and speaks the plain and honest truth. A man who believes in himself and the words he speaks. And because he believes in them, others can, too, without fear of betrayal.
...I see. I, too, hadde the same feeling about that king.
That is good to hear. Then you need worry about nothing but your quest.

Just more words talking up what a great person King Khalim is. It's alright, but his words and actions in the story cutscenes are enough for me.

First and foremost, I hunte Redeye to saven my master from his fate. But I also will to helpen the people of this land.

When I set my sights on my quarry, I'm as dogged as you. Different sort of quarry, though.
Thou speakest of thievery.
Heh. Doesn't sit right with you, eh? To think we're more alike than different.
If thou choosest to taken pride in thy work, I shalle not tellen thee that thou art wrong.

Thou canst ben proud of thy deeds, or not. The choice is thine.
Now there's something no one can steal...
What's that?

Both are skilled and passionate about their respective careers. And of course, any time "betrayal" is mentioned, Therion immediately wants to banter.

Simple team this time. Need Alfyn and Primrose's banters, need to unlock some chests.

We'll end the update by making our way to the ruins where Redeye lies in wait...

Music: Tension

Stand firm! Give as good as you get!


The way is open! Drive through! Protect H'aanit!

Aye! Thou hast my gratitude!

Leave this to us. We shall not lose this battle.

Next time, H'aanit finally confronts Redeye, and prepares to hunt down the most dangerous foe she's faced yet...