Music: Beneath the Surface

Thou feelest it too, eh, girl? A grim pall hangeth in the air... Danger lurketh ahead, though we cannot seen its form. Leten us treade carefully here.

Here we are at the Grimsand Ruins, the final dungeon for H'aanit's tale.

Let's start things off by knocking out the last couple of banters.

Once you've rescued your master, perhaps we could go traveling together.
Hm? Why the sudden invitation?
Oh, I don't know. I just think we'd be good partners.

Hm? Dost thou not mean I coulde protecten thee?
I don't mean from beasts and fiends and the like. I'm talking about scoundrels. Men with smooth tongues and sharp wits. You may be good with the bow, but when it comes to men, you're a babe in the woods.
...Haha. Perhaps thou speakest the truth. I shalle thinken upon it.
I hope you will.

Primrose hasn't had many friends in her adult life, and for the first time since her childhood she actually has friends she can rely on. Whether or not you've finished her story, her future is still rather up in the air. So it makes sense that as the rest of her friends are finishing out what they set out to do, Primrose is getting sad and a bit desperate that the only family she has left will soon be going their separate ways. Kinda weird this pops up in H'aanit's tale, but it's still a nice little bit of character development hidden away in these banters.

Of course, there's plenty of post-game content so they'll still be traveling together for awhile yet.

You'll slay that red-eyed fiend for all our sakes! It's as good as done, right?
...Such is mine intention. But we aren bound to treaden with care, Alfyn. I sense a terrible nothing I have felt afore.
You ain't gettin' scared, are you? 'Cause you've come too far to fail now. You're this close to savin' your master!
...Just so. And when this is over, I shalle buyen thee a mug of thy favorite spirit.
When your master's up and about, we'll all drink together!

It's settled then! First save your master, then we'll hit the alehouse. After all you two've been through, a reunion has got to be celebrated. Am I right?
Thou speakest truly. But Alfyn...

Alfyn probably has more late-game banters about getting drunk than he does about his medicine or whatever else. The guy really likes his drink.

There are some interesting murals on these ruins. A shame the lighting obscures them so much.

Some of the enemies in this area. Of note is the Revenant, with only physical weaknesses, a whopping nine shields, and a fist that hits like a truck. It's also one of the strongest monsters H'aanit can catch in the game. Naturally, that means catching one is a total pain in the ass and isn't worth it when she'll probably do more damage with the Warmaster divine skill anyway.

Most of the treasures are stuff we've seen before or unexciting stuff like elemental resistance accessories. This is a nice +80 Evasion though, and Evasion builds are definitely viable if you boost the hell out of it.

And let me tell ya, they definitely come in handy for our upcoming foe...

Otherwise, nothing of note in a dungeon that's surprisingly pretty for how yellow and brown it is. So let's jump to the main event...

Video: Redeye

It looks like we found Redeye's victims, so that leaves...

Music: For Master

A bestial roar that sounds surprisingly like a man at the very end.

And so we finally see the beast itself, and it's unlike anything we've encountered before.

(I can sense the feelings of every beast, every monster...but from this one--nothing.)

Video: Boss - Redeye

Music: Battle at Journey’s End

And so we come face-to-face with the fearsome foe itself. It's time to end this fiend's destruction...

Redeye starts off with this, allowing it to inflict Blind with its physicals.

Redeye is another foe that only uses physicals, and those physicals can hurt, too.

My plan is to heavily supplement my offense with runes, so Elemental Break is nice as the ElemDef debuff adds more damage to them.

At the start of each round, Redeye will randomly change its weaknesses, with the only consistent one being Light.

Naturally, I opt for the Light Rune.

With that, breaking it is simple enough.

H'aanit does disgusting damage when paired with a rune.

I even Dohter's Alfyn to give everyone delicious jam to celebrate my break.

And here's where my usual smugness gets upended. Redeye does not mess around, and will happily use Bestial Roar to deal damage and, most importantly, inflict Unconscious on the party.

Take note of my turn order, and that only H'aanit can act. I am completely screwed.

Redeye does not hesitate to rip into my defenseless party.

This is the only time I wiped in this LP other than that one side story that I was ten levels under.

Since I now know Redeye is not screwing around, I cease to as well. Leghold Trap all day, every day.

Did you know Elemental Break is fantastic when paired with a rune? You hit it with a staff, debuff its ElemDef, then immediately hit an ElemAtk rune. It's such beautiful stuff.

Also, I have Alfyn, and I make sure to use him.

This time, Primrose avoids the Unconscious proc and Therion, built for Evasion, evades the attack altogether. This is still a physical attack!

Rehabilitate on Alfyn is key, as he's in by far the best situation to heal Unconscious, and this blocks Redeye from inflicting further status effects on him.

Redeye gains another turn now, and it unlocks some dangerous new moves...

Like Unholy Elixir, which...heals a character for a hundred HP? Huh.

This deals more damage than Bestial Roar. It just doesn't show it because I debuffed its attack right before this move.

So you may be wondering about his petrification powers. You know, the thing we had to do an entire quest to get the herbs we need to cure it? There is an actual move called Evil Eye that inflicts petrification on a character, and as you may expect that character cannot do anything. That said, they can still be damaged, and if they hit 0HP then they're gone for the rest of the battle. Of course, we have ten of that herb to cure it, so it's not a big deal.

That said, this move is apparently rare to trigger, as in both my playthroughs I have never seen it, and apparently I'm not the only one!

I extended the fight a bit to try to trigger it, but I don't have the patience H'aanit has, so I let her deliver the killing blow.


And down goes Redeye. H'aanit has accomplished something even her master could not.

Doth this meane the curse is lifted?

Hm!? I-I can move again! I am saved!
The beast is slain.

By your hand?
...Not just I. The city guard, and the Knights Ardante. We foughte as one.

Thou needest not. I had cause of my own to slayen the beast. But if thou wilt showen thanks, leavest this place, and takest thy men back home to their king. His Majesty waiteth anxiously for good tidings.
Then I will not tarry one moment. By your leave, m'lady!

What Susanna predicted has come true, and those petrified by Redeye have been restored. So surely Z'aanta has, too...

But for now, let's head back to Marsalim to make sure everyone's alright.

Video: A Triumphant Return

Music: Jubilation

And so H'aanit returns to Marsalim, a hero.

You saved my poor men, and our city. You are our savior, and we are forever in your debt.
What I did was for my own avail.
Perhaps so, huntress. Yet grateful we remain. I would like to propose a banquet in your honor...

I cannot, Highness.

Of course. General Lenaar.


You fought the Redeye to bring your master to life. My soldiers recovered the instant it was slain.

Think nothing of it. But perhaps when your quest is done, you would grace us with your presence once more. And then we may throw the banquet you deserve.

Video: Apprentice and Master

Music: Tension



A fearsome foe indeed, but with H'aanit's skill, perhaps she can--



There's a familiar face...

Hägen! If thou art here, then...

And here is Master Z'aanta, safe and sound.

Music: H’aanit, the Hunter

Not in height, Master... But if thou speakest of experience--then yes.
Ah, that must be it.

Some, Master...

Thou were? Then I guess I owe thee an apology.
Thou certainly dost.

You had us all worried.
That's a long list...but no matter. Rest assured I'll make an apology to each and every one. And then I shall thanken them, too, for good measure.
Thou dost not--



Ohoho! A man my age hath learned all the things he ever will, I'm afraid.

Oh, quite. Think nothing of it. Art thou hurt?
Nothing that won't men soon enough, by yer grace, sir.

Ah, yes. Thou were about to tellen me of thine adventures.
...It's a long story. Wouldst thou hearen it all?

But I would comen to tellen the tale of it many times in the years to comen.

It was my first story, but not my last. But those are tales for another day...

H'aanit has finally become a hunter in her own right, and has her own tale to tell. Though of course, she has a bright future ahead of her, but perhaps we'll hear those tales in another game...

Music: H’aanit Motif

(Click here for larger version)

But for today at least, this is the end of H'aanit's story.

But before we go...

There is one very easily-missed easter egg back in the Grimsand Ruins...

...right at this pillar where we fought Redeye.

...Was this Redeye? If so, then who was the person behind Redeye, and what made them turn into such a horrid creation? And what is their relationship with Kit?

Alas, those are questions for another day. Until then, we have three tales left to finish telling. For what's likely the last interesting vote for this LP, who should we tackle next?

Next time, we tackle Marsalim and knock out some side stories. You know, the usual thing.