Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

Marsalim is the key hub city for the rest of the Sunlands, and probably the best of the lot considering it doesn't house anything like a black market or a "pleasure district".

Also, that Steal boost is much easier to get and still seems to raise steal chances to 100%, though there's not as much good stuff here as in Grandport. Plus I didn't realize it'd be so good so I still bought a few things, but eh, close to 1.4 million leaves at this point so whatever.

He's terribly clever. But sometimes he does talk such nonsense! Recently all he does is mutter about a city made of gold. I don't know where he gets these fantastical ideas from...

That son, of course, is relevant for a side story. We'll check him out in a bit.

Makes sense to me.

I get the feeling the elderly gentleman in question is one we'll see soon this update.

And the hint involves these Pomegranates.

The Knights Ardante aren't here purely to help out Marsalim, of course. I mean, perhaps Eliza was, but it seems her higher ups may have other motives in play.

These final tiers of stat-boost accessories are a bit limited in quantity, but even in the post-game they have solid value depending on your builds.

Though I don't suppose you would care...

Maybe we should take him on a life-scarring adventure too!

When he left home, he fought with his mother. I don't think he'll ever return. Not of his own accord, leastwise. I worry for him. 'Tis a long time to hold a grudge, especially against your own mother.

We'll meet this knight shortly as well, and he'll also be part of a side story.

If you believe the tales, he's even good enough to stand equal with those two--the twin blades of Hornburg. Anyway, I can at least say for myself that I've never seen Yuri defeated in battle.

Equal of the Unbending Blade, eh? We may have to test that theory for ourselves later...

Some characters are just boring. It's sad, but it's true.

Though he does have another Protective Necklace to give +80 Phys/Elem Def so he ain't all bad.

Yes, I need in.


OK, maybe this will be the last time I have to use Provoke. Here's hoping!

It feels like a lot of attention was paid to this man, whose entire story seems to be "eloped with a woman forty years younger than him and had a son".

Though it seems he also has Pomegranates, so he may have had some unsavory ties in the past. And we also now know how he keeps up with his family!

He's even a bit of a wind magician.

Hey, whatever works for you two.

That said, she also seems to have a few skeletons in her closet.


I need to beat the mother up to steal her stuff.

It's just a second Spirit Bow, sadly. I've already stolen the first one.

One of the wise elders of this town, and apparently a solid ace with ice magic to boot.

Here's the palace in all its glory.

Go south from the palace and you'll reach the town.

It must be rough being a guard who's not allowed to guard. Or nice and easy, one of those.

What a nice executioner.

Also I steal his execution axe.

The role was not gifted to me. I sacrificed much to become the man that stands before you.

Here's the knight from Orewell that had a tiff with his mother. There's a whole side story to this we'll revisit later.

We also steal the king's amulet. It's another garbage elemental resistance one, if anything the king should be thanking us for stealing this garbage from him.

Another loyal and just bore.

Now this guy, he leads an interesting life.

In addition to cash and an outdated circlet, we get armor that reduces fire damage and has solid PhysDef. The ElemDef is pretty weak at a mere +78, but it's still there, so it's not completely useless!

That's that for that! Next time, we continue finishing up our side story chains.