Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands

Time to close out our fifth side story chain so far.

I must do what I can to discover his usual habits, then corner him at a time when I know he is usually alone!

Do you think you could assist me? Could you try to find out his daily habits? I promise that once everything has come to a rightful conclusion, I will explain all. So please...while I know I am asking too much of you, I must beg you! Please help me!

Ria's had a rough go of things so far, so why not help her out one last time?

Can't you see I'm a busy man? Leave me in peace!

Here's the man in question.

So let's spill the dirt.

Would you...would you perhaps consider coming with me?

And so...

Hrm!? Who are you to interrupt me when I am at my leisure, you--

Though at present, I am as a traveler and nothing more.
You are a trouble to your guards, doubtless. Did you sneak off alone to undertake this journey, hoping to disguise your identity?
So I did. It has been a good journey, and I have learned much while visiting the desert towns.

Scandalous!? What proof do you have of any such thing!?

Urk! You audacious, overstepping chit of a girl!

Utilizing the pleasure quarter to launder money, bribing others to your own advantage, and using people as though they were no more than slaves...! This is too much to overlook, sir. I will be taking this evidence to my father.

If that was the case, all that you should have done is wait for the next Great Assembly. The Great Assembly is not held in secret. All you had to do was come and plead your case before the assembled chiefs!

Regardless, the chieftain's wrongdoings have been exposed, and he will be punished accordingly.

But it was largely thanks to your assistance that I was able to succeed.

Getting to know kind people like you has been the greatest joy I've discovered on my journey. Thank you.

Decent in both defenses and it restores HP every round. Certainly one of the better rewards from these!

And someday I will be an even greater ruler than my father.

At any rate, it looks like the future of Marsalim is in good hands.

More side stories next time.