Music: Town Veiled in White

We've got one more side story for today to tackle.

Not that many would know it now to look at us. How far we have fallen... I even had to part with the precious ring that was our family's heirloom. It seems our great house will truly end with me.

So this man from a once-noble family has seen his family name fall in favor.

But that is simply the way of the world. The gods are fickle, and those who rise up must eventually come down. I imagine anyone who has studied history could tell you that there have been worse reversals of fortune in the past. The Byrons can yet regain their former glory.

Really, we need to find a way to convince Byron to rebuild his family name himself, rather than bemoan his own fate. And once again, we've got a couple options to work with.


Though I ran into a bit of a rough spot myself soon after. Had to sell it off to a peddler of such things. Got a better price than what I paid for it, at least!

This seems to be the man who bought Byron's ring. Perhaps if we can get it back for him, it might bring him the drive to redeem his family's name.

Of course, "Sold it to a peddler" is a bit vague since, well, there's merchants all over Orsterra. But if there's a place to check first, it's certainly Grandport!

Got a pretty deal on it. Now it's just up to my own skill to piece it out into as many pricey bits as I can!

Fortunately it doesn't take long to find this charming fellow.

And wouldn't you know it, he has the ring for sale!


Yeah, I don't feel bad about this one.

Let's give this back to Byron and see how he reacts to regaining his precious family heirloom.

I had no choice but to give it up, such dire straits had I found myself in...

Though doubtless it has seen many hands since leaving mine own... Many hardships, as well...

It does not matter how little I have now. I am still the heir to the great House Byron.

I cannot be spending all of my time lamenting my fate! There is so much that I have to do!

And it seems that ring has done the trick!

I will pursue a life of nobility, worthy of my house, no matter what may come.

And so Byron will work to bring his name to the heights that his ancestors rose it to so long ago.

...But how did they do so in the first place?


Needless to say, history is dominated by these great and powerful families. To understand them is to understand how our realm came to be as it is.

While this man's research is a bit odd, it's also surprisingly relevant to our current situation!

Surely Byron could find some sort of drive from learning the true roots of his family.

Yes, we may be fading into disgrace now, but at least the glory of our past will live on in perpetuity--

...What is that you say?

They...they managed to raise themselves up from such humble beginnings to be one of the great houses of the land...?

...It would appear that I have been mistaken about some things. I thought that being born into nobility was a gift that was mine by divine right. But I was born into such a position because of the hard work and sweat of my forebears...

And so Byron the Noble changes to...

After all...I have nothing more to lose now. I feel quite oddly free, in fact!

And so the side story is complete again. And once we find and talk to the new Byron...

I've found that I quite enjoy working up a good sweat, when it is in pursuit of a noble goal!

He's had quite the makeover! Indeed, Byron has so embraced becoming a commoner that his appearance has even changed!

Byron has decided to start completely over, building his family's name all over again the same way his ancestors did. Surely the townspeople will be more receptive to this approach, at least.

Next time, we dive into the final chapter of our final character as Chapter 4 slowly comes to a close with the resolution to Ophilia's tale.