We start our final final chapter by arriving at the final town we'll visit this game, Wispermill.

It seems like a quiet pastoral town, but...

Music: Stolen Dreams, Lost Light

...this town is where Lianna and the Savior went off to, so there's reason for concern here.

Hm? ...A cleric of the Sacred Flame!? I'm rather in a hurry, I'm afraid.

Also, the townspeople seem a bit...off.

I've got fields to till. Another time--

Yes. I am Sister Ophilia. If I might trouble you with just one thing...


This is a peaceful farmin' village. We've got no troubles here.

I...I see.

(Best to keep digging.)

It seems the town wants nothing to do with the Sacred Flame or its disciples.

If we can't talk to the townspeople, all we can talk to is our party.

I'd bet half my ill-gotten fortune that "Savior" is here somewhere.
I agree. They are far too wary of us for it to be anything else.
Looks like he's turned them all into true believers. No doubt by using some underhanded means. I wouldn't put manipulation past him.
Tough times will wear anyone down. Sometimes it leaves you weak, and vulnerable. Those people want to be saved. They'll even start believing in miracles if it'll make life easier for them.

Take it from me. Most people have more faith than they know what to do with.

I believe it's not wrong to reach out for salvation when a helping hand is offered.

It makes sense that some tragedy, perhaps even manufactured, has befallen this small town, one that even faith in the Sacred Flame could not overcome. So when a "Savior" comes in and promises to fix everything, desperate people are willing to gamble on the chance they aren't lying.

Desperate people like, say, Lianna...

The townspeople are not talkative, though they are deeply pious. The town has a rather creepy atmosphere as a result.

As Ophilia ventures further into the town...


Whatever is the matter?
M-my child! My boy--he suddenly took ill... Please! You must save him!
I understand. I will do everything in my power to help him. Pray take me to him.

As you may expect...

...this is a trap.

...Come again?

Music: On a Knifeā€™s Edge

For there are many in this world who are all too eager to deceive.

He said she was, in truth, a witch with the power to ensorcell the hearts of others. And that we should capture her, before she brings ruin to our village.

Alas, she doesn't. The villagers knock her out.

Where am I...?

Wait, you're...!

Music: Creeping Dread

Ah, but I am. I suppose there's no need to hide the truth from you any longer.

You!? Then the one who made Lianna steal the ember...
Yes. That was me as well.
But why? Why would you of all people do such a thing?

That is the Sacred Flame now worshipped throughout the land. Given your position in the church, I'm sure you are well-versed in the history of our world.

Oh, perish the thought. I am not so foolish as that.

Power that he has deigned to share with me. As his power grows, so does my own...

It's not meant for the hands of men!
That is not for you to decide. If the power exists to be taken, then it exists to be used.

Are we not all the same, Sister? Just look at these poor villagers...

And they were all too eager to declare me their "Savior."
You...saved them?
As a loyal servant of Galdera, I wield a fragment of his great power. And yet even that is but a fragment of a fragment. Sealed away as he is, my master's powers are not what they once were.

Lianna? Is Lianna here!?


Fear not, Sister Ophilia. As long as you do not oppose me, I will do you no harm.

What!? Wait! We're not through here!

This isn't good. Mattias means to gain the power of the dark god, and has the entire town and Lianna doing his bidding. How are we ever going to get out of this one...?

While we rot in jail a bit, all we can do is talk with our comrades.


With a savior like this, who needs enemies?
I'm sorry, Primrose. It shouldn't have come to this. If only I'd--
Now, now, Ophilia. No one's saying this is your fault. We should be blaming the ones that took advantage of your kindness.
But nothing. Now stop blaming yourself and help me find a way out of here.
Y-yes, of course!


A generous heart that you dare not cross if you don't want to get shanked.

Stayen now, child. We can doen but little for now.
Yes, but--
To panicken is to maken mistakes. Thou shalt only maken the situation worse.
If you say so...

'Tis the same as a hunt. The hunter must be tranquil and alert. Else the quarry will turn the tables, and the hunter becometh the hunted.
We wouldn't want that.
So listenen. Thou must be patient. Our time shall come. And when it doth, we shalle striken together.
...I'm most grateful to have you on my side, H'aanit.
Now I shalle heeden mine own counsel, and sleepe. Waken me if thou needest me.
All right...

H'aanit must be used to sleeping in crazy and dangerous situations if she nods off that quickly. She's also one of the calmest and level-headed characters so it's not too surprising.

So hey, obviously we can't fast travel here, and we can't until some more cutscenes, in the middle of which there are two more banters. This means it's impossible to show off every banter without restarting!


So after I skip back to this part, our only option is really to wait and see.

Hey, if it worked for Cyrus...!

Video: For Her Father's Sake

That voice... Lianna!?

I'm sorry, Ophilia. I'll get you out of here...
But... Lianna, why...?

Music: Melancholy

He's gone. He left us, forever.

What...? How could you say such a thing? Do you not even care that Father is gone!?
All those days we spent together... You and me and Father... Dining together, talking together, laughing together... We'll never know that happiness again! Don't you even care!?

Listen to me, Lianna! Of course I wish His Excellency were still alive! But those who pass through the gate to the afterworld are never to return. And if you let that man use this forbidden power... There's no telling what horrors might be unleashed.

When he's back, we can all be a family again, just like before. Wouldn't you like that, too, Phili?

And just...leave the rest to me, okay?

Lianna cannot cope with her father's death, going to such desperate measures. How can Ophilia get her to accept the truth and help her move on?

Now that we're free, all we can do is watch our comrades try to help Ophilia in her own moment of need.

Music: Stolen Dreams, Lost Light

Ophilia... Lianna doesn't know what she's doing. She's been fooled by Mattias's lies.
Of course I want to believe in her. But...
When times get tough, it's easier for people to lose sight of what's important. They don't know what to do, they don't know who to turn to...

Lianna is your friend, isn't she? Then you have to be strong for her. Reach out a hand, and pull her back onto the right path.
...You're right, Tressa. Thank you.

Go figure that Tressa would have some of the most insightful words in this chapter! She's certainly grown from this journey if she's giving Ophilia such strong and encouraging advice to help her in her darkest time. All the more reason this is one of the game's best pairings.

Dead is dead, and there's no comin' back from it.
I've seen plenty of folk die in my time, and I was powerless to help 'em. No matter how hard I tried to hold on to their lives, they slipped through my fingers like smoke. It always gets me thinkin'...

In the end, death comes for all of us. It's the price we pay for livin'. Not a one of us can avoid it.

Well said.
So let's live this life without regrets. Right, Ophilia?

Alfyn has had his fair share of encounters with death, both as an apothecary and also from his family life (remember his mother had died only a year or so before the events of this game), so it makes sense he has such a pragmatic view on such things. It may not be the most comforting topic of conversation, but if nothing else it solidifies Ophilia's beliefs that she's in the right here, and gives her all the more reason to try to help Lianna escape the pull of the Savior and accept her father's death.

All we can do is move back into town...

...and learn more about another pious individual. As we go to town...

At last! Finally, all of our wishes will come true...

(What're they talking about, though? Wishes?)

Attacking a cleric of the church--and the Flamebearer at that, it just...doesn't seem right.

Damn right. The Savior's the one who freed us from the plague.
If we just do what he says, we'll find our salvation.
Hear, hear.
...I suppose you're right.

It looks like we know where we're headed next.

But first, let's finish off this chapter's banters.

Is something troubling you, Olberic?
Aye. For some time now.
What is it?
Ah, there's the rub. I cannot say exactly. But past experience has taught me to trust this feeling...

Oh. I don't like the sound of that.
Forgive me. I should be helping you, not adding to your worries.
Oh, Olberic. You mustn't apologize. ...But this feeling of yours might have something to do with Lianna.
Indeed. Let us make haste.

You don't need Olberic's senses to tell you some bad things are going to happen when a power-crazed "Savior" is involved.

Now's not the time for archeology, Professor.
Yes. Quite right. Our priority is to rescue Lianna. However, that cave may give us an answer to one of the questions that face us.
What question is that?

...Could it be that the ceremony has to be held in that cave?
Precisely what I was thinking. If that is the case, then the cave is extremely important to Mattias's plan. But fear not. I shall do everything in my power to help rescue your friend.

And that's all the in-chapter banters in the game! Though don't worry, we're not finished with this game's banters quite yet...

I opt for this party. Therion for loot, the rest for levels.

Music: Dark Caverns

Our final story dungeon is...a nondescript cave.

There's Zealots, which love to buff their magic and carry an odd item that heals enemies.

Otherwise, it's bats and various dark-elemental foes.

This hat has decent PhysDef, but the highest ElemDef of any hat in the game and also a good ElemAtk boost. A fantastic grab for spellcasters.

Next time, we confront Mattias and attempt to save Lianna as we finish the final character story in the game.