Music: Pure Evil

Did the Savior just praise me? O glorious day!
As you command, Savior, we will serve.
It is duly appreciated.

And now, allow me to introduce the lovely young woman who shall serve as my vestal... ...and perform the ritual that will loosen Galdera's bonds and bring us unspeakable power...


......... .........

This is what you deceived your dear sister for! This is all you have ever wanted!

What's happening? The's turning black...
We're almost there, Lianna! Keep praying!


What...what's happening? The villagers...


It is said that the ember born by the Flamebearer reflects the bearer's heart. You, with your all-consuming desire to revive the dead, have bound this ember to the darkness of the afterworld.

For every life it snuffs out, it groweth ever stronger!

N-no... This can't be...!

What are you doing here?

But it matters not. The ritual is all but complete. I will not let you interfere now.

We have a quick diversion with some of Mattias's lackeys.

They are of little threat.

Video: A Daughter's Heart Wavers

I will not fall to a monster like you.

If you truly wish to stop us...then strike her down.


...I can't. I just want to see him again. I can't think of anything else...

(What counsel would you give me? Your Excellency... Father...)

We were playing behind the chapel when we found a dead bird on the ground.

Music: Ophilia, the Cleric

Maybe it's just too cold... We should warm it by the fire!
But it's not moving. At all... Do you think the birdie died?
Poor birdie... What should we do, Anna?

The little birdie died! Father, please! Can't you bring it back to life?
Oh dear... I see.

But...but why?
That is the way that our gods made us, I'm afraid.

It is sad, Lianna. This is true.

The joy...of life?
But what's so good about life if we all just die in the end?
All things that live must one day pass through those solemn gates.

Didn't it make the two of you happy to meet one another? did.
I was happy, too.
That is the joy of life. And besides...

We're not? But...

Like this?
Is the bird flapping its wings?
Mm-hmm. It's flying...
That's because the bird lives on, in your heart.
Does it really?'s not really...

Time softens the sharp edges of grief. And those you have lost live on in your heart, so long as you do not forget them.


He wanted us to remember him as he was. Please remember him... Lianna!

It''s all coming back to me now... Father...

Music: For Light

You would insist on meddling until the very last. It all would have succeeded if only Lianna had been the one to perform the Kindling.

Video: Boss - Mattias

Music: Battle at Journey’s End

We saved the most glorious boss sprite for last.

Like Therion's boss fight last chapter, this battle also has dialogue. However, this dialogue is voiced, and pretty damn good to boot!

Why do you rob your sister of the hope I offer her? What else does she have but that futile wish?
She still has so much more, whether she sees it or not.

Mattias can be tricky if you're not careful. I managed to wipe to him my first run since I wasn't taking him seriously.

Though he has physical attacks, he mainly specializes in dark magicks, and they can be quite nasty unless you're an ElemDef tank like Ophilia.

Naturally, he's weak to Light.

No weakness-switching gimmicks here. He increases his shields by two after his first couple breaks, but that's pretty much it.

Black Gale is one of his most common attacks, and it's nasty if you're not prepared to deal with it.

Of course, I have Ophilia to cover my ass.

After Mattias recovers from his second break, he goes on again.

No. We will never be broken apart. I believe in Lianna.

Mattias can summon allies, which prevent him from being broken until they're taken care of.

Aaaaand this is what killed my first attempt. This blocks many magic attacks, including all target-all magic attacks, but also all my healing spells.

If I had Alfyn here, this wouldn't be a big deal since Concoct isn't magic. But now my healing is limited to items, and it's significantly harder to break these foes since I can't have Primrose spam Lux Congerere.

Luckily, Olberic doesn't care about magic.

Mattias also has some annoying buffs, including this thing that gives himself a lot of various buffs at once.

Meanwhile, this is where I'm at. I can't really do much, as Olberic's too low on SP to Guardian Liondog Mattias to a break, and with limited healing I can't really dedicate a turn to buff him up or chip away at Mattias.

Then this happens.

Eventually, I'm stuck with Ophilia. It'd be a great time for Revive if, you know, I could use it!

I opt for gambling to bounce magic attacks back onto them in hopes they'll kill themselves, then I can break Mattias and finally Revive my team.

Unfortunately, Ophilia's not built to handle Physical Attacks, and so that's a wipe.

The second fight, suffice to say, I no longer screw around.

He pulls Infernal Flame again, but this time I'm able to break him and nullify it.

For good measure, Ophilia preps herself with her own Divine.

One such as you cannot save her from her sorrow and despair.

She pulled me out of the darkness I had shut myself away in.

You are a nuisance and nothing more. Disappear for me.

About that...

Naturally, I'm prepping Ophilia up for the final blow.

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to finish things.

...which is why I prepped Aelfric's Auspices beforehand. The second attack does the trick.

Mattias's Scepter is a staff that can inflict ElemDef down, but otherwise is kind of mediocre compared to other end-game staves. Would've been nicer early on, but whatever.


You... An ignorant, naive, fool of a girl like you...!

But we did both know the love of our father. His love gave us strength.
Heh heh heh heh... Love, you say?

I need...for such...

And so ends the reign of the Savior.

It's all right, Lianna.
But I... I--!

Music: Bonds of Friendship



Then let us return to Flamesgrace, and see the Kindling to its proper end.

Video: Her Duty Done

Music: Jubilation

She may still be young, but she is a beacon of hope to us all.
Doubtless His Excellency is looking upon her from the afterworld with joy.

Yes, Your Holiness.

At this point, the voice acting kicks in.

To you I offer my soul and my blood. With your First Flame, I kindle this fire. May it forever shelter the people of this land. Through the sacrament of the Kindling, grant us your mercy and your blessing.

And so Ophilia has accomplished what she set out to do. She faced many trials and dangers, but she was able to complete the Kindling.

Thank you, Your Holiness.
Take as much time as you need to rest and recover before resuming your duties.

I fear she remains in her chambers. I left food, but she barely touched it...
I see...

Lianna, understandably, is not in the best of moods. Her selfish (though very understandable) desire to revive her father almost brought dark power in the hands of an evil man, almost killing an entire village in the process. On top of that, she's only truly begun the process of grieving her father's death. The immense guilt and sorrow she must have would weigh heavily on most people.


I'm coming in, all right?

So, as Lianna had helped Ophilia overcome her sorrow so many years ago, it's now Ophilia's time to return the favor.



Lianna is not in the mood to talk...

So there is only one option left.

Wh-what!? Ophilia?
Come on!

Now we have control of Ophilia guiding Lianna.

Naturally, we go to the one place most important to both women.

Video: Friends Forever


Remember when you first brought me here?

You helped me find my own feet and stand again, when I thought I'd be lost forever.

It was what truly saved me. Do you remember, Lianna?

You said...

Music: Ophilia, the Cleric

Finally, a smile!

Father lives on in your heart. Can you hear what he's saying to you now? He's telling you not to give up on the joy of life!
You're right, Phili. He is...isn't he?

Hee hee...
Oh, Phili...


Thank you...for everything.

Hee hee hee...
You're impossible, did you know that?
Well, I learned from the best!

Of course we will.

I told you, didn't I?

(>Click here for larger version.)

And so ends Ophilia's tale, in a way fitting for Ophilia. A sweet ending for a strong finale.

This also means we have finished every main character story in Octopath Traveler! Despite that, we've still got a good chunk of game to go! After we finish up Chapter 4 with a few more updates, we'll be entering the post-game, which will have little combat but serve more as a victory lap as we tackle side stories from many familiar faces and get the ultimate gear before we cap everything off with the final boss.

We have roughly thirty or so updates until the LP is completed! Next time, we tackle Wispermill (which will not take long, trust me) and finish off what remaining side stories we've got to knock out before we really dive into the various post-game quests. Stay tuned!