Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

We're a small farming village, so there's nothing special here beyond our windmills. Please enjoy your stay though.

He's right. There really is nothing of note in this town other than every other character bio including some variant of "lost a loved one to illness", which explains everyone's willingness to worship a Savior chasing dark powers.

You should really hear the story from them.

A couple characters are here that weren't before, including this fellow.

He's got some evasion accessories, nothing too exciting.

You want to know where to find Bryan? Probably won't find him anywhere in the village. He loves his drink, so he'll be off in some town big enough to have an alehouse or the like. I've heard Bryan's actually quite the coward, though. A few tough words, and all his bravado just disappears.

Naturally, all this is related to a side story down the line.

This is just disgusting. This is a top-tier weapon, considering the maximum PhysAtk for weapons is 400. This still makes it "merely" the third-strongest axe, but the extra Crit and the Posion proc means it stands on its own against those weapons.

I immediately buy it. We're pretty much in the post-game now, this is the time to buy all the top-tier gear.

We've met both this man and his wife during Ophilia's chapter.

It seems to be implied she's currently pregnant, a bit concerning for a couple in their late forties...

...but not as concerning as the fact that you can recruit and even fight her.

Though Gentle Cradle heals 1500HP to the entire party, so the pregnant 47-year-old woman is one of the better recruits we can have.

Seriously, everyone in this village has lost someone, or at least the ones that are here when we first arrive.

She has another of the +80 Max SP accessories, which I gladly grab.

Also, this old woman is strong.

I forgot to talk to this guy earlier, so here he is now.

And that's it for Wispermill! It's all one screen, nothing else really special here.

Next time, we'll finish off some side stories to close out Chapter 4.