Music: Gazing Over the Great Plain

It's time to close out the final side story trilogy.

Yes, I'm still on my journey to spread education in as many lands as I am able to. I came to this town to teach here as well, but...

Not one has shown up to my lessons when I hold them. I feel so useless... Perhaps I've been fooling myself all this time, thinking that I was making a difference...

Theracio's having trouble recruiting students. To be fair, I haven't seen any children in Wispermill, so maybe that's the problem.

That said, he's losing hope, and we need someone to help him out. And that someone is, well, the person he just mentioned.

Turns out I seemingly skipped this old woman whenever I did the Clearbrook update. Of course, the character I skipped is also the character relevant to this side story.

I taught many children, though they were strangers to me.

Looks like this is the professor we're looking for!

She's also quite the flatterer.

Let's reunite the two and see if Theracio can regain his drive.

It cannot be... Professor Bastete!? Is that truly you!?
Ha ha ha! It's been a long time, my boy. How are you, young Theracio? It's hard to believe that the scruffy troublemaker grew into such a fine man.

She is the reason I went into teaching myself. She was all I ever had to look up to. She is the one who inspired me to think that this could ever become a world where even the poorest children would have the chance to learn.
My, my... You have truly become a great man.

No matter how much energy I pour into my lessons, they do not seem moved. But all I'm trying to do is teach them! All I'm trying to make them remember is true knowledge! I don't know what to do any longer...
Young Theracio... Perhaps I am mistaken but...

If you apply force, you will bbe met with resistance. That is human nature.

To learn together...?
I learned from you, when you were just a young thing.

Be open to what your pupils can teach you, and you may find they are open to what you can teach them.
Oh! Thank you, Professor, for yet another valuable lesson!
Ha ha! I'm glad to see that you are as earnest as you ever were, my lad.

I have to learn all that I can from the children here.

And so ends this side story. The Teacher's Hat reduces lightning damage and has high ElemDef for a hat, as well as moderate PhysDef. One of the better hat options we have.

The path of learning has no end!

Theracio has a new drive, not only teaching students, but also learning from them. Very reminiscent of Cyrus's whole speech of his end goal being to learn from his students at the end of his Chapter 4.

He'll be a wonderful teacher in time, that Theracio of mine...

At any rate, the future looks bright for the children of Orsterra.

Next time, knocking out more side stories.