Music: Grandport, Center of Commerce

Update 200! We're only a few updates away from the end, so let's keep on track as we knock out another side story today!

I've been keeping my diaries without fail for seventy years. I've got enough volumes to fill a whole library by now! But I don't have much to write about these days, of course... Is there still anything for an old man to experience so thrilling that it demands to be recorded in a diary?

So that's the goal of our two hundredth update: to help some old man write in his diary.

Nonetheless, it's a duty he takes seriously, so let's help him out because why not. Also I'm not going to put in this much work in showing off side stories and skip one!

Again, I don't know if there's any clues on this in-game, but there's three different NPCs we need to visit in three different towns. First, back to Bolderfall!

There's nothing that brings as much pleasure in life, young one, than obtaining a rare treasure that no one else has. Heh heh. Do you want to see my collection? It'll be the experience of a lifetime. You'll want to record it for posterity!

You see, each of these NPCs has a particularly noteworthy item.

Three amazing items that are so awe-inspiring that any diarist can't resist writing about them.

Next stop: Wellspring.

I've just gotten in something really rare today. Something you almost never see. This'll be the day you'll want to remember the rest of your life. You'll want to write every detail down and record it for posterity!

Of course, these NPCs have their ways with words, so they may be overvaluing their products a bit...

...but I don't think our diarist friend will mind too much.

Our last stop will be Duskbarrow.

Don't tell anyone else, but...I've got something amazing. Something you wouldn't even believe. When I got it, I couldn't help but write it all down in my diary. I wouldn't want to ever forget an instant of that glorious moment!

All three of these NPCs also seem to really love life, so good for them, I guess.

Anyway, these amazing things seem amazing, so maybe they'll be the thing that Ing needs to re-embrace his passion.

What is that you have there? Could I have a closer look?

Music: Bonds of Friendship

I...I never even dreamed...such a thing could exist!!! I-I cannot believe this! I feel like I just discovered a whole new world of possibilities!

The words practically write themselves! I can hardly stop myself!

Ahhh, what joy!

Phew... Now that's a proper diary entry! Thank you for this. Of course you featured in my writing as well.

Life is long and full of many challenges. Your heart and mind will change along the way. If things get tough, try opening up your old diaries and taking a little trip down memory lane. When you are feeling lost, remembering who you were before will help you understand who you need to be now.

So we get some nice advice about looking to the past to guide your future, which seems appropriate for our two hundredth update and upon being so close to the end.

Also yet another Alluring Ribbon because who doesn't love increased encounter rates?

Of course, we can't really comprehend just how wondrous these things are, but that's not any of our concern now.

Next time, we check off one of the seven remaining side stories we have left, and prepare for the coming battles ahead...