Music: Cobbleston, Nestled in the Hills

There's nothing too exciting in sleepy old Cobbleston, but hey, might as well take a tour.

Cobbleston is full of simple folk, but that's also why it's such a nice place to live.

That Iron Vest is a decent upgrade, but I'm always a bit cheap in this game when it comes to equipment, so I hold off for now.

Philip's the same as ever. Kid's going to be a natural warrior some day, you can tell.

Yeah, some of these are rather dull, but things will pick up a little soon enough.

For instance, an apothecary that values profit over the health of others. Let's just say this won't be the last time we see this attitude.

On the bright side, he has some nice Concoct ingredients for sale.

Many characters have level limits before you can challenge them. Even if Olberic was L7, this fellow's probably more than a match anyway.

Low success rate, but he might be a valuable ally down the road should I need one, jerk that he is.

This guy's a rising star in his community.

Between this guy and Olberic, Cobbleston is a home to those with no real path in life. It's a calm and remote area, perfect for forgetting the bad things that happened in your life to try to forge a new path, and it's nice there's someone welcoming enough to help others with troubled pasts.

Anyway we beat the snot outta him.

We can't Allure him, so beating him up is the only way to get entrance to his home.

A really nice spear upgrade. It ultimately ends up on Tressa, but it doesn't really matter since she'll be swapped out to make room for Character #5. Sorry, my goal is to try to level everyone evenly and I can't get rid of Cyrus, so Tressa will be the first to be cycled out.

It was able to speak the words of men, yet it wielded a mysterious power beyond that of any mortal.

Yep, dragons do exists in Orsterra, though they're rare to behold.

We do gain a story from the pacifist, one that will come in handy later on I'm sure.

Even when buying from him, he's eager to tell a story.

Also for a pacifist he's pretty good with a staff.

This woman has been trained well.

Really well, in fact. If not for the low Allure odds, she'd be a great ally.

She does lead to another nice weapon, the Arcane Bow. It has higher ElemAtk than the Glaive and has a chance of inflicting an ElemAtk debuff on an enemy. Great for Tressa, of course.

We didn't see much of this guy during Olberic's story, but he's the Captain of the Watch for this town.

As a result, he's pretty strong.

Perhaps too strong for poor Olberic, who's gotten soft in recent years.

Yeah, Olberic's a bit weak right now and all the Side Stories I thought I could do, I really can't due to Olberic's low levels and poor gear. Once I rectify those, though...

Finally, there's Philip's Mother. I don't know why her name is Philip's Mother. I don't know why Philip is the only person in this damn town with a name.

Silver Clock is vendor fodder we can't buy.

Also we can take Philip's Mother on our adventure if we wanted.

We can also duel her. It goes as you'd expect.

But yeah, Cobbleston is a small town and not much going on. Next time we'll do a crappy Side Story and then recruit our next traveler, who will be...

...Ophilia! Hope you like religion and BFFs!