Music: Atlasdam, Seat of Learning

This one is way back in Atlasdam. We could've done it as soon as we got Olberic, but hey, it's nice to have a few Side Stories in the backlog for when I need them, and boy do I need them!

But I'm afraid that I'm being hounded by nasty, vicious moneylenders... I have repaid all of my parents' debt, but the interest... They always claim that I haven't paid all of the interest!

Let's see what we're dealing with first.

Seems like this guy has his heart in the right place. As for the other guy...

Your parents must be weepin' in the afterlife to see you like this, "Professor." You spineless weakling... Good for nothing but cracking open books!

Lovely individual.

So lovely we can even recruit him if we really wanted. Extort debuffs both defenses.

Anyway I smash 'em.

You planning on sticking up for this useless milksop?

Yet I have continued to pay you all that you demanded, not wanting to give you any chance to dirty my father's good name.
But I have paid you more than enough!

And so the simpering milksop goes running away, tail between his legs.

It's time that I propel myself to pursue my own dreams!

I have been thinking for some time that I would like to set out on a journey. There are so many poor children in this world who cannot get the education they deserve. I want to change that. And I will begin right here in the Flatlands.

So by beating up a moneylender, we could very well be enriching the future of the children of Orsterra. Good advice for real life, too!

Just as long as we get our cut, of course.