Music: The Riverlands

This guy's just hanging out in the middle of nowhere.

You see, I'm on a journey to visit my grandchild, but seem to have lost my way. I was bound for Clearbrook, but 'tis not where I thought it was.

So this poor soul is lost, and needs guidance to Clearbrook.

Sadly Ophilia's not a high enough level to Guide him, so we'll have to solve this by luring him with sex.

Even if it takes some convincing.

It's nice to be able to fast travel.

We chatted this fella up awhile ago, and it seems like this may be the grandson of our current companion.

Music: Enveloped in Kindness

I'm sorry I took so long. I lost my way an' thought I'd never find it again... An' now me legs are so weary, I can barely take another step.
Are your legs hurtin', Granddad? 'Cos we've got a medicine man in the town who can cure just about anythin'.
Is that right, lad? Mayhap I'll pay him a visit, then.
Then you an' me can play. Right, Granddad?
Aye. That sounds grand.

Music: Clearbrook, by the Pristine Waters

And so granddad and grandson are reunited.

Now mayhap I can keep up with me grandson again, hohoho...

As for why his wife wasn't helping him this time, well, here you go. I'm surprised he was traveling for an entire year without somehow dying, given how bad his sense of direction seems to be.

At least the ending is pleasant and happy. Glad everything worked out!