Full Ending Video: Reunion (Normal) 

This ending involves defeating Lavos after escaping the Blackbird and the Magus encounter, but before you revive Crono. Like the main ending, there are two main versions depending on whether you take the Epoch or the bucket/Black Omen, and for this ending I'm going to have Magus killed by Frog since Magus doesn't add anything here and it'll change the ending a bit.

The Brink of Time

The party ends up unconscious in the End of Time, Crono still nowhere in sight.

Eventually you gain control of Marle and Lucca.

At which point, your comrades wake up, letting you talk to them.

'Tis necessary that I return and protect Queen Leene.

Each person you talk to makes their way to the gates.

Kino wait for me.

This really is the last we will see of each other.

If Magus is still here, he won't say anything because he's a twerp.

And with that, Marle and Lucca are alone.

It's a fate we can't escape. Someday we will all pass away. Marle......

And so Marle and Lucca depart themselves, closing off the time portals after them.

If the party had already obtained the Chrono Trigger, they would've accidentally dropped it here instead.

Festival of Stars

This part plays out similarly as the last ending, except Crono's not here.

Lara's still crippled in this time line, but at least she gets to enjoy the last day of the fair.

It's a real problem when the person who's in charge of the cat is gone!

The rest of the dialogue down here is unchanged.

So all that's left to do is follow Lucca to where this whole mess started.

This time, there's no going-away party. Just Marle and Lucca, alone.

What do you mean?
I think a greater force wanted us to experience those events.

If the "Entity" talk after the 600AD Forest sidequest never happens, this dialogue overrides the "I think the Entity is at rest" dialogue we saw in the previous ending. This is true for both endings.

We should dismantle the Epoch. Its job is finished.

Delightful Spekkio


Calm down. Rushing won't bring him back!
Ok, understand. Now hurry, give!

Hey! He is escaping!

Bring who back? You mean Crono?

He just took off.

If Magus is alive, he's actually involved in this, but again says nothing. Lucca also doesn't gush over Frog's rugged good looks.

Go after them?! But the Gate's...

I forgot! We have a Time Machine!

At this point, the rest of this ends similarly to the last ending, except of course Crono is not here.

To Far Away Times

Right down to the ending credits.

Though there are a couple changes. While we see Robo and Ayla loving life with their companions...

...Frog's initial bridge scene is replaced with an image of him transforming...

...and Magus's scene is replaced with Glenn on a different bridge.

I'm pretty sure this is the only ending Frog meets the characters in human form. In the main "Beyond Time" endings you get regular Frog and get this scene in the credits if you still have the Epoch.

And we fade out to the world once again, but...

...this time the credits close to Marle alone on that iconic tree atop Death Peak.

And if you look closely enough...

...you can see the silhouette of you-know-who on the top of the screen.

And the game ends with Marle chasing that figure...

Oddly, there's a picture here in the Japanese version. Luckily, it's a piece of official artwork that's pretty common, so...

The End.