Seaside Town

Today's side story is yet another short and uneventful one, so might as well explore Canalbrine first so this update isn't ten screenshots long.

This NPC has no path actions available for whatever reason.

Here's Senah, the young man that Castti treated earlier.

He has a very useful Revitalizing Jam, but it's both expensive and difficult to steal. We have other methods available, though...

Honestly, that's not a bad solution, and it seems to be working out for this family at least.

Slumber Sage is one of the items Castti can use to Soothe NPCs at night. It's hard to get this stuff, so it's better to avoid using this on random NPCs, but more ones that block certain areas.

Besides, Throné is much more suited to knock out random jerks I hate.

The one locked house in all of Solistia.

Other than his anger issues, Sesque is boring as heck.

Gotta love the whole "oh yeah she's having an affair with an older man" thing going on.

The handmade bouquet is a nice touch.

That's part of the fun of traveling, you'll never know what you'll encounter next.

Amusingly, this is a callback to a similar NPC from OT1, who even has the same sprite.

The spear even has the same stats. Oh yeah, Throné steals it. Think of it as a way to encourage her to move on, or something.

Wow. That old man seems like a lot more trouble than he's worth.

Yeah, it's certainly that and not because his wife almost left him for being gone all the time.

Amusingly, these are the two fathers of the kids who are getting along on that bridge earlier.

Another no path actions NPC.

For the right price, I'd be willing to trade anything for anything.

That Dragon Vase is certainly important. Something to keep in mind for later...

That said, I don't think I want to do honest business with this guy.

The only way to reach Toto'haha is by ship (or by starting the game with Ochette). No need to go there quite yet, though.

Sounds like she's living her best life, so good for her.

I grew up in a kingdom called U, and built all sorts of structures there.

Yes, there was a nation called U that fell in war. We'll learn a bit more about it later on, as it was conquered by the kingdom Hikari is the prince of.

Sai's a town we'll go to sooner or later, as several story quests will lead us there.

I like that there's a weaponshop that you can only access from the waterways. No way to get there on foot, you just have to swim or row in.

There's also a small cathedral in Canalbrine.

He grew up wanting for nothing, and now I fear he's unable or even unwilling to provide for himself. He moved to New Delsta, where I cannot help but imagine he's become a burden on society...

Might be something to keep in mind for the near future.

You're clearly not repenting hard enough with the way you make everyone's lives around you miserable.

Alcoholism is as prevalent here as anywhere.

Canalbrine seems to be filled with those who are skilled in what they do, but prefer being in smaller towns where they can enjoy more fulfilling lives.

Seaside Town (Night)

It's night time, so good a time as any for Osvald to work his magic.

...OK, maybe not on her.

That's better.

That old man knows exactly what he's doing.

Seems like you might as well get rid of the house if you spend so much time passed out on the streets.

Unsurprisingly, a drunk man is very easy to beat up and take things from.

This is the first beastling we've met. They reside in Toto'haha and are rather unfamiliar with humans, since humans have only recently traveled and colonized there. Thus they have difficulty speaking the human language (though thankfully Ochette was taught to be fluent so she won't have such issues) and understanding human customs and practices. I'm worried for this guy, but hopefully things will work out for him.

Not surprising to see this cleric here.

Ehhhh. It's possible he's just a huge fan of her dancing, an appreciator of the arts. Let's hope so...

...though the fact he has an axe just hidden near the inn is a bit odd. It's a solid upgrade though so I'm not gonna question it.

I wonder when she'll notice her spear is missing.

Here's the loving family all together.

We'll need Large Soulstones for a future side story, and they are not cheap or easy to obtain this early in the game, so might as well get them when I can.

Huh, imagine that...

Yes, a very loving and happy family.

Definitely living her best life.

The brothers are at least enjoying some quality time together.

Although it's interrupted by some maniac in rags clubbing one of them with a staff until he steals their prized jam.

The inn is a somewhat busy place.

I like rich NPCs, they have good loot and are easy to beat up.

Hey, a loving and happy family that's actually loving and happy!

The Feathered Hat is a decent upgrade. The Ice Amulet is one of a series of accessories that reduce damage from elemental attacks, which can be handy for certain foes, assuming you know ahead of time which ones specialize in ice attacks.

Alright, time to tackle this side story.

I know this is the right place, but I'm getting tired of waiting here.

So yeah, this one is about one guy trying to meet another guy.

In this case, twin brothers.

If we switch to night, there's a different youth waiting in that same spot.

I know this is the right place... What if something happened to him?

It seems they're both expecting to meet a young man at this place.


He leaves when the sun sets, but then he comes right back and waits some more!

You can probably guess how to solve this problem.

We simply need to take one to the other.

I could ask you the same question, big brother! I thought something terrible had happened to you!
And you think I didn't worry, too? I stayed here all day in case you turned up!
Well, I stayed here waiting all night!

How the hell did this happen for so long without either of them realizing this.

Thank you, friend!

Well, at least that is resolved.

Trust my little brother to set up a meeting in the middle of the night...

To be fair, this is an odd time to schedule a family reunion, but maybe being a lumberjack or whatever brings odd hours with it.

Next time, we'll probably tackle another side story involving family bonds and incredible stupidity.