Today we'll tackle Ophilia's Chapter 3, which means we return to Goldshore.

Video: Meeting Mattias, Redux

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After that, I can return at last to Flamesgrace and cast my ember into the Great Flame.

Remember Mattias, that man from Chapter 1 who randomly showed up to offer supplies for the Pilgrimage? He's back!

Ah, Sister Ophilia! It has been far too long since I saw your lovely face.
Pray forgive me for ending our first meeting so abruptly.
There is nothing to forgive, Sister! I heard of the archbishop's affliction...terrible news, that.

Your journey has not been an easy one, I am sure.
It is the path I have chosen. And the provisions your consortium generously prepared for my sister have served me well on the road.

Think nothing of it, Sister. We, too, are honored to serve. You have a gentle heart. The people are fortunate to have your guidance.

And yet, I hear that recently there are those who turn their backs on the church, shunning the light of the Sacred Flame.
...That is most saddening to hear, sir.

Do forget what I said, and focus yourself on the Kindling. I, too, will offer a prayer for your success.
You have my thanks, Master Mattias.
And now, I fear I have some business I must attend to.

It's always nice to have allies.

Speaking of allies, let's banter with some!

Don't you get nervous?
Oh, very much so, believe me. I can't help but imagine the worst, like forgetting the words to the prayer or tripping over my own feet...
I know exactly how you feel! I get so anxious when I restock the shop, but no one buys anything. But then again, it's kind of thrilling, too. It's what makes trading so exciting.

So even if I'm nervous, I know that the Kindling is an important ceremony, and I have to do it right.
That's the spirit! So shake off that nervousness and let's get going, Ophilia!

I still always love Ophilia/Tressa banters. They really know how to encourage each other.

You mean Master Mattias? He is a merchant I met in Flamesgrace. He was of great help to me when I was preparing for my journey.
So it was a fortunate happenstance to meeten him again here.
It certainly was. I'm starting to think that Fortune is smiling favorably on this quest.

Is something the matter?
Nothing. 'Tis nothing at all.

Everyone loves Ophilia. And I mean everyone.

Well, this Kindling isn't going to do itself! Let's get this done and finish Chapter 3 early!


Sister Ophilia! Oh, thank the gods... We have been waiting eagerly for your arrival.
Is something the matter, Your Excellency? You look quite pale.


We thank you for coming all this way. No doubt your journey has been a trying one.
I have been helped by many along the way. I could never have made it without their kindness.

Your Excellency?
Ah! Forgive me, Sister. I was...lost in my thoughts for a moment. I fear I have not yet finished the necessary preparations for the Kindling.
Oh. I see.
I'm so terribly sorry. It's just that...
Your Excellency? Is there some way I may be of service?

Why don't you get some rest in the meantime? I will see to all that must be done.

As you may expect, all is not right here.

And this boy is our only clue to figure out just what's going on here.

After some more banter, of course!

Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

Something troubling you?
Ah, Professor. Well, the truth is...

Yes. But when I spotted him, he ran off to the gods only know where. He looked to be in trouble. I'm sure I could help, if only I could find him again.
Truly, you are a kind soul. It would well behoove me to assist you in this charitable quest.
Why, thank you.

Now, about this runaway. I don't imagine he could have gone far... So I think it best that we thoroughly search the vicinity rather than rushing about and spreading ourselves too thin. Haste does make waste, after all.

Ophilia's determination to help all that she can is contagious. And of course Cyrus is ever the gentleman.

He certainly seemed...distracted, didn't he?

He's an open book.
Well, he is not a man who's accustomed to lying or prevaricating.
That much is obvious.
But I'm worried for him. What could be troubling him so?
Maybe you're being set up--and he's in on the game.
If that is true, then there must be something forcing his hand. If we can get to the bottom of what is worrying him, we might be able to help.

Do you think so? I can hardly imagine him wishing harm on anyone, least of all us. We should learn more before we start making assumptions.

Of course the issue of trust comes up between the most-trusting and least-trusting person. Of course, it's good to have a healthy combination of both, and if nothing else Therion really does seem to be looking out for Ophilia here. He's surprisingly helpful with the party...when he feels like it.

At any rate, the child didn't wander far, so let's see if he may help us figure out what's going on here.

Music: Tranquil Days

What do you want!? I don't know nothing!
Settle down. I never said you did anything.
My name is Sister Ophilia. What's your name?

What a lovely name. It's nice to meet you, Daniel.
Yeah... Nice to meet you, too...

What? Uh, yeah, I guess...
He sure seemed to have a lot on his mind.

I... I don't...
Daniel, if you know something, will you tell me? If there's any way in which I might offer my aid, I'll do it.

A letter?
Somebody asked me to give it to him. A stranger.

I'd never seen the bishop look like that before...
I'll bet you don't know what the letter said. Can you remember anything about the person who gave you the letter?
Hmm... Well, I'd never seen him in town before.
...A newcomer to town. I see. Thank you, Daniel.

A mysterious stranger sending a boy to deliver a disturbing letter... We've got a general idea what's going on now. But what did it say, and how bad must it be to shake the bishop so?

Of course, poor Daniel's also shaken up about scaring the bishop like that.

So we're going to take him along.

Yes, Daniel?
Did I...did I do a bad thing? To the bishop, I mean...

But if you're worried for him, why don't we go and speak with His Excellency together?

Daniel in tow, let's get to the bottom of this.


Sister Ophilia... That boy with you!
Young Daniel had something he wished to say to you, Your Excellency.
And what...what might that be?

It''s nothing, truly...
But you've been acting strange ever since I gave it to you.

If something worries you, Bishop, please share it with us.

Sister Ophilia...
Pray tell, whatever was written in that letter?

Yes, two separate instances of ellipses.

Video: A Father's Dilemma

Music: On a Knifeā€™s Edge

...Yeah, that'll make a man panic, alright.

I must be honest with you, Sister Ophilia. Until a short time ago, I was agonizing over whether or not I should do as the letter says.

But to give in would be to betray everything I stand for as a man of the church. The Flame protects all our people. It is not mine to steal.
Your Excellency...


Yes. He is resting peacefully now. He must have been under a great deal of strain...

He's still alive, just exhausted from stress and worry.

To manipulate that for a sin the gods will not overlook.

But...but you could be killed!

Don't worry. I can take care of myself.

I have to say, Ophilia's looking like a total badass right now. There's no fear in her voice, she's ready to do what she can to save the bishop's daughter, even if it means great risk to herself.

Before we set out, more banter.

Music: A Sea Breeze Blows

You do?
It was just like you said. It ain't right for a father to turn his back on his child. And when I see someone usin' kids for their own end, it makes my blood boil.
I feel the same, Alfyn.

Aw, shucks, Ophilia. We're pals now. Me and my medicine are gonna be right here at your side. So you've got nothin' in the world to worry about, all right?
Thank you, Alfyn. It gives me strength, knowing that you stand with me.

A nice twist from when Ophilia thanked Alfyn for his actions during his Chapter 2. They both have similar values and similar dedications in helping others, so of course they're there to help each other out the best they can.

Before we head out, however, we can cross paths with Mattias.

I trust everything went well with the Kindling?
I fear...there have been some extenuating circumstances.
Is that so? I'm sorry to hear it. It must be quite the crisis if it has kept you from your duties.

...You do, now?

Music: Discord

Why, it is as if for every person in the world who finds happiness, another must suffer indescribable pain...

Sometimes, I even find myself wondering... Do the gods truly exist?
Master Mattias...

Sister Ophilia, you are always so kind. To everyone, and at all times.

How...? I have never given it much thought, but... I suppose that I believe because I choose to believe.
Some people might take advantage of such innocent thinking. Does that not concern you?
I realize that such a thing is possible. And still...

...How very interesting. I find your way of looking at the world to be most fascinating, Sister Ophilia.

It would be my pleasure, sir. And with that, I should be on my way.

Nice guy!

Next time, Ophilia goes to rescue a kidnapped child and kicks some ass in the process.