This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Ophilia's Chapter 3. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 Take care, Scholar.

 You know, I feel it now, too. The unmistakable sense of being watched...

 For my part, the feeling was faint at first, and came and went. But it grows stronger with every step we take.

 Undoubtedly, your instincts are sharper than mine. How did you acquire them, I wonder.

 I cannot say. It is something I learned on the battlefield. By what means, I do not rightly know.

 Oh. I was hoping there was some easy trick to it.

 It is easy enough - if you are willing to fight as many battles as I have.

 I think "easy" here means something different to you and me.

 Fair enough. Even a scholar such as yourself cannot know everything there is to know of this world.

 He refuseth to talken to thee.

 Quite. I need a different approach.


 You are looking most solemn. Is anything troubling you?

 ...I was thinking. Wherefore wolde someone so mighty turneth his back on others? The suffering in his voice was that of a man who hath been made to forsaken everything.

 You are suggesting there is a reason for his behavior.

 Perhaps. I knowe not... But when I think about the life that he hath led...

 Yes, quite. Something tragic may have befallen him... I need to find out more. Perhaps I can even find a way to help him.

 A good plan. Leten us acten upon it.

 So you were refused.

 Indeed. It would appear we have no one to rely upon but ourselves.

 This Dominic fellow. Stubborn coot, wouldn't you say?

 A type regrettably common in the world of philosophy and science.

 So you're going to find out more about him?

 Certainly. If I can do that, I might find a means by which to make him listen to me. I shall start by talking to his colleagues and other associates.

 Good luck. Those bookish types are battier than the Carrion Caves.

 Myself included?



 Can I ask you a question, Professor?

 By all means.

 What kind of things did you teach back at the palace?

 Interested in a spot of learning, are we? Then pull up a log and I'll give you a lesson.


 History. Let's begin there. Specifically, with the founding of the mighty Kingdom of Hornburg...

 W-wait! I never said-!

 And there followed...and also... In short...

 ... (He's been talking for an hour now! I'm not sure whether to be annoyed or impressed...)

 But the king - Edbart, if you recall - had his own worries. You see...

 Professor, can I say something?

 What is it, Tressa?

 We really need to get back on the road.

 I won't let him get away with this! I don't care who you are, kidnappin' and holdin' someone hostage ain't right!

 Alfyn, my friend. I oft find you overly hot-headed and temperamental... But on this issue, I stand in complete agreement. Why, no man who pretends to integrity and virtuousness can let such wrongdoing go unpunished!

 Shucks, Professor. Never seen you get so hot under the collar afore.

 I assure I am quite calm, and my sub-collar temperature remains tepid.

 All right, if you say so. Either way, let's get goin'!

 Indeed, Alfyn. We must make haste.

 Therese seems like a good girl. She's got spirit and pluck, and would follow you to the end of the world and back, it seems. I remember times when I've been as filled with passion as she.


 Hehe. But then I don't have to tell you what's what. Right, Professor?

 I'm afraid I'm not sure to what you are alluding...

 I'm just saying, she's come all this way for your sake...

 Oh, indeed. She is a most dedicated and conscientious student. That she would make such a journey out of worry for her professor's health is a credit to her.

 I think you're missing the point...

 Nothing thrills a scholar's heart quite like a student so utterly dedicated to her studies.


 Is something the matter, Primrose?

 No. I think I just had the wrong end of the stick...

 Professor, that monster...

 You speak of Headmaster Yvon.

 Yes. H-he seemed just a normal person, and then...

 Some monsters are created in laboratories. So it is certainly possibly [sic] to transform a man into one. There will always be people prepared to use knowledge for vile ends...

 I never thought knowledge to be so...frightening.

 Yes. But remember that while it can serve evil, it is also the weapon we need to defeat that same evil.

 You mean, it all depends on who uses it.

 Precisely. That is why, you see, the pursuit of knowledge demands virtue and integrity. Knowledge nobly won can be shared for the benefit of all men.

 I warrant that if it had been you who'd found that knowledge... would have known how to use it for good.

 Such glowing praise! You flatter me, dear lady.