This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Tressa's Chapter 3. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 Tressa, whatever could this pirate treasure be?

 I'm not sure, but I'd love to find out! Wouldn't it be amazing? Putting your faith in that ancient map, sailing the high seas, braving tempests and storms-

 Oh, yes! What an adventure that would be! Why, just imagining it has my heart all aflutter!

 Ophilia? So you have the spirit of adventure in you, too!

 I certainly do! Oh how I yearn for the romance of the open seas... When I was just a small girl, I'd often watch the boys playing at pirates...

 Oh, I used to play at pirates, too!

 Cap'n Tressa, scourge of the seas!

 Don't you know it! My motto was, "Another day, another treasure!"

 I can see you now! Wearing a bandana and brandishing a wooden cutlass!

 ...I overdid it at times. Sometimes the boys would break into tears and run home...

 ... ...Yes, I can see that, too.

 ...You really want that map, don't you?

 I do. For Mr. Leon's sake.

 I could steal it for you, you know.

 I'd rather you didn't. I can handle this myself. He wants a trade, and he'll have it. That's what I do best. I'll show him who's the best merchant around!

 Well, I see my help's not needed here. Thought I'd act the gallant type, but clearly you're a lady who prefers the leading role.

 You bet! After all, how could I call myself a real merchant if I refused this challenge?

 How indeed.

 A shield for a map, is it...?

 What's got you down, H'aanit?

 I was merely pondering the worth of the shield and map. Aren they truly equal?

 Er, well. It was a nice shield. Very sturdy.

 No loss on the trade, then?

 Well...maybe a little. But as I see it, this old map is very important to Mr. Leon.

 So it hath greater value to him, then.

 That's right. One person's trash is another person's treasure, after all. It doesn't matter what price I put on something - it's what others'll pay that matters. That's what trade's all about.

 Then it taketh two parties to setten a price? ...I hadde not considered that. There aren depths to thy work I hadde never imagined.

 Don't you know it! As interesting as hunting beasts, wouldn't you say?

 I wolde have to agree...

 Eldrite, the ore of legend...

 You know of it, Professor Albright?

 Oh yes. Otherwise known as the Eye of the Sea. So beautiful, men liken it to the eye of a goddess... ...Or so my tomes tell me. I have never observed an actual specimen with my own eyes, mind you. It is also written that you can see an ocean inside, if you peer long enough.

 A whole ocean? With fish and seaweed and everything?

 Ahaha. I would be surprised, to say the least, if the view offered quite so much detail. Truth be told, all the accounts are hearsay. Not one author has claimed to have found one of the stones. Though not for want of effort - it has long been sought after by pirates, kings, and would-be treasure hunters.

 ...And me! Suddenly, I really want to find it!

 Ahaha, now that's the spirit!

 So they were friends, I see...


 What is it, Tressa?

 Well, it sounds like Mr. Leon and Mr. Baltazar got along so well. If they worked together as pirates, they would've been unbeatable! So why did they insist on being rivals instead?

 Mayhap they vied with each other precisely because they admired each other so. When a man of action meets another, his first instinct is to prove himself better. I understand well the hearts of men like Leon... (I once felt the same about Erhardt...)


 What is it this time? You're a thoughtful one today...

 The look on your face just now... It reminded me so much of Mr. Leon's face, when he talked about Mr. Baltazar.

 Oho... Is that so?

 Quite a treasure, indeed.

 Don't I know it!

 May I see it? Why, it's stunning. When I was younger, I had occasion to set eyes on many a beautiful stone. But I've never seen one of such profound clarity and color.

 Heh, you can say that again!

 I must say, its beauty is completely wasted on a child such as yourself. I shall wear it!

 Hey, what!? Wait! Give that back!

 ...Oh, come now. I was just joking. Here.

 Why, I never!

 Jesting aside... The gem suits you better, Tressa.

 Do you really think so?

 Oh, yes. I mean, you can see right through it. Utterly transparent.


 Hey there, Tress. What's with the serious look?

 I was just thinking about what my most precious treasure could be. Tell me, Alfyn. What do you treasure the most?

 Me? Shucks, I'd rather not say. It's kind of silly, to be honest.

 Oh, come now. What are you acting so embarrassed about?

 It's not that. It's just...

 Besides, I know the answer. It's that bag.


 You always keep it in your sight, and you're constantly cleaning and mending it.

 ...You got me. A good pal of mine gave it to me. When I've got it slung over my back, it's like I can hear him whispering in my ear. "You brew those potions of yours with pride, you hear?" he says. And I listen, too. That's why I put so much care into my concoctions.

 Hehe. Now that's a true treasure if I ever heard of one!