This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Olberic's Chapter 3. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 An oasis - the font of life in the arid waste of the desert.

 Just so. This one oasis provides water for all the towns hereabout.

 Is that so?

 Yes. Some villages have small wells, but nothing to match the amount of water that flows forth here. Civilization has flourished in this place since ancient times. It really is something of a miracle, this oasis. A blessing from the gods.

 Then I must do what I can to save this civilization. Are you with me?

 Of course. You will have my utmost support. Why, with your brawn and my brains, I'm fain to say we shall be unstoppable!

 ...I pray it be so.

 Lizardmen. I like them not...

 You know these creatures?

 Aye. At least their water-dwelling cousins. These aren adapted for the sands, but they still needen water to liven.

 Then this oasis is as essential to their survival as it is to the people here.

 Indeed. They aren wary, mistrustful creatures, and attacketh all whom wanderen into their domain. As long as they claimen dominion over this oasis, conflict is inevitable.

 I see. The sword I bear makes me duty bound to protect the people of this town.

 'Tis a just cause. I, too, shalle standen by thy side.

 That gentleman in charge of the town's guard is quite something.

 How so?

 I mean he's a good man, gallant and brave.

 I did not think him your type.

 Most women appreciate a man of courage. Someone you can trust in a crisis.

 If he is what you say he is, he shall be a good ally.

 I do say. After all, I've already figured out that you're good and gallant, too.


 See? I'm good at reading men. In fact, I know you're the most trustworthy of all, and that's why I travel with you.


 Aw. You're blushing.

 ...A vexing woman.

 Olberic, your lordship. That fellah looks like a tough customer. You sure you can handle him on your own?

 I am confident. I have trained alongside Erhardt. I know my strengths...and weaknesses. But you tell me. Are you prepared for what is to come?


 Great peril and danger await us. We shall need your help more than ever.

 Hohohoho! You can count on me, don't you worry!

 I hope so.

 I already said, I'm gonna be the first one into battle! So c'mon, your lordship. Take a thumb out and let's get movin'!

 My thumb is here in plain sight...but, yes. It is time to go.

 I pray that the merciful Flame grant peace to their souls...

 You pray for the lizardmen?

 Yes. To the townspeople, they are fearsome monsters that threaten their lives... But they are living creatures for all that, and I would that they rest in peace.

 Just so. ... Ophilia. I have a favor to ask.

 What is it?

 Would you also pray for me?

 Why, of course!


 You look pleased.

 I'm happy that you and Erhardt made up. Now you're comrades-in-arms again!

 It was a long road to reach such a point... But fighters are straightforward men, and they understand each other. Crossing swords just once can tell me more about another than a thousand words.

 Wow... That sounds incredible!

 If you are interested in my world, I could teach you a little fencing.

 Really!? I'd love to be your prentice! I'll be the best pupil you ever had, Sir Olberic! I promise you won't regret this!

 ...I may already.

 So you've had your chat with him. Satisfied now?

 Satisfied? I would not say that. But I have found...acceptance. Erhardt slew the king. But how I choose to live my life is up to me.


 Does my heart soar? Have my troubles vanished? Nay. But I do see things more clearly now. I see what I need in order to wield my sword with a conscience clear.

 Hm... Never really gave much thought to what I do. I steal to live, simple as that. I get why you live the way you do, but...that lifestyle's just not for me.

 Likewise, I could not do what you do. However, I understand the choices that you make.

 You know, I never thought I'd see the day I'd be talking to a guy like you.

 I suppose that's the beauty of going on a journey like this.