This is a transcription of all the party banter dialogue from Primrose's Chapter 3. Currently it lacks context for each scene, but I will add those at a later time.


All dialogue here was transcribed using this video. You're welcome to copy/paste/use this wherever and however you want.

 So who's this Simeon guy?


 Was he...someone really special to you?

 ...Tressa, have you ever felt a special kinship to someone?

 A special kinship? You mean, like, aside from my family? I guess I never really thought about it. Trading's been my life since before I can remember. I kind of feel a connection with my customers when we make a good deal. Is that the same thing?

 ...Let me tell you something, Tressa. When something about a person resonates deep within you, it's the most wonderful feeling. Your heart is freed, your mind is opened... And you realize there's more to the world than you ever knew. But I wouldn't expect you to understand. After all, you're still a little girl.

 Hey! Who are you calling little!?


 May I be so bold as to pry?


 That man is very important to you, is he not?

 Why do you say that?

 'Tis a conjecture, based on how you both look at each other. Had you not chosen to live your life the way you do, I wonder if-

 You can stop right there, Professor. How I live my life is my affair, not yours.

 Y-yes, quite. I do apologize.

 (...I'd best be careful around him. He's sharper than he looks.)


 So this is where you were born and raised.

 It is. Though much has changed in the last ten years. The people, the town...

 It seems like this lord we've been told about has a lot to do with that.

 Yes. And none of the changes have been for the better. This was a happier place when I knew it. It was peaceful...and prosperous. My father was a strict man, but he was respected and loved by the people.

 I would very much like to see your town as it once was.

 If only I could have shown it to you. How proud I was of where we lived...

 Oh, Primrose...

 Honor... Tell me, Olberic. What does honor mean to you?

 A simple question. But one with no easy answer. For me, it is using my blade to protect others. There is naught else I can offer.

 Sometimes I think you're too humble for your own good...

 No matter how lofty our aspirations, in the end, we can only do what we are capable of. Better then to make ourselves the best that we can be, than dream in vain of saintliness.

 Well said. That's what I'm trying to do. Improve myself, so I can do more... Especially since I met you. You're a true inspiration, you know.

 Egads, I hope I'm not blushing again...

 Time for some breaking and entering.


 Think you can pull it off?

 Therion... It does not matter if I can or not. The fact is...I must.


 I've thought about giving up more than once. I've wondered what sort of life I could live if I chose a different path. But each time I do...I can't imagine what the future would look like. This is all I know.

 If you say so.

 So if you're trying to talk me out of avenging my father-

 That's not it. I just know how easy it is to screw things up if you don't stay calm. So don't go losing your head in there, okay?

 Stay calm... I'll remember that. Thank you, Therion.

 He was thy beloved father. Shalt thou not visiten his grave?

 ...No. Not yet. Yes, I loved him. Dearly so. But it is too soon to be putting flowers on his grave. When this is all finished, when he is avenged... Only then will I go. To tell him what I have done.

 If that is thy wish, then so be it. 

 But thank you, anyway. For caring. I will return, sooner rather than later. But right now, I have work to do.

 Your strength is to be admired.

 Hey, Primrose?


 This is for you.


 It'll fix you fast, if it starts to hurt again.

 Thank you...

 Listen... I want you to take care of yourself, okay? I'm askin' as your apothecary...and friend.

 ... Thank you, Alfyn...